Plastics Recycling Conference Visual Identity

To help promote your participation at the Plastics Recycling conference, we have provided a variety of conference logos for your use in email and print marketing material.  Please click the links below for a zipped file containing three different colored logos.

.PNG format for web use

.PDF format for print use 

.EPS format for print use


Plastics Recycling Conference Visual Identity Usage Guidelines

The success of the Plastics Recycling Conference identity depends on a coordinated and consistent use of the logo standards outlined below.


The Plastics Recycling Conference logo should never be altered in any way, including stretching or distorting, drawing or recreating the image. Always scale it proportionally.


The Plastics Recycling Conference logo must be separated from all other visual elements to preserve and maximize visibility and legibility.

File Type:

An .eps and .pdf version of each color logo has been provided for print use. A .png has been provided for the use on website and emails.


Reducing the logo size too much can affect legibility. When using the logo, make sure that it is legible.